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Contact Us!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our program; we’re very proud of what’s happening in this new team, and love to talk to people about the benefits of junior roller derby for Jacksonville/Orange Park area girls!


For more about the Cherry Bomb Charmers, including information on how to become a Charmer, please contact :

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We depend on your support to help keep our Charmers rolling!

Your donation helps cover not only our expenses, but also
helps those skaters who need help covering their rink fees, insurance, and equipment.  Come be part of our growing
derby family!  

Charmers in the News!

The Cherry Bomb Charmers have been featured in a
number of publications including the Florida Times Union, Clay Today, EU Jacksonville, and  First Coast Parent. The Charmers are frequently in community news, and have been seen on First Coast Living !  

Check out our Press Releases!

Thanks so much to our Sponsors! 

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(Pictured at right: Cherry Bomb Charmers featured in the March 2013 First Coast Parent!)

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